Best Gifts For $50

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Sometimes being on a budget (especially when searching for a gift) has it’s advantages if you search the right places…like right here. We took care of all the hard work on finding the best gifts for $50. Below is a compiled list of all the top-selling gifts that range around the $50 mark. All the gifts below have been tagged “bestsellers” from many merchants across the web. Some have even been added from personal experiences with members of our staff. So if you have around $50 to spend on a certain someone take a gander below. Just like our best gifts for $25 list…we’re pretty confident you’ll find a gift for that someone who is on your “things to do list”.  As you can see many of these would make great Christmas gifts also!

$50 Gift Ideas

J.A. Henckels Eversharp Pro 9-Piece Steak Knife Block Set

Set includes 8 Eversharp Pro Steak knives nestled in their own block. Each knife features a full-tang blade fastened to the handle in the classic three rivet style. Blades are 4.5 inch long, micro-serrated, stamped stainless steel. The micro-serrated edge stays sharp for a very long time. This gift idea would be great for slicing steak, chicken or other meats. If your recipient is into cooking (or eating) or if your looking into gifts for a wedding this would be an excellent choice. Visit merchants site

Cuisinart Electric Knife With 2 Blades

Here’s another great gift idea for the cooking fanatic in your family. One touch pressure activated on/off trigger control. Elegant and ergonomic handle. One touch locks/unlocks the on/off control safety. Blade release buttons make it easy for insertion and removal and changing of blades. Two full size stainless steel blades (1 carving/1 bread blade). Solid wood butcher block with safety lock-in mechanism for blades and storage for cord/handle. Visit merchants site

Wall Mounted Wine Rack, Brushed Stainless Steel

What a nice unique gift for around $50! Inspired by the flow of liquid, this sculptural wine rack is finished in brushed stainless steel. Flow is wall mounted and will hold up to eight bottles using a minimum of space. Packaged in a corrugated box, which can be torn in half to make two additional wine racks (for use in your wine cellar). Any wine drinker would love a gift such as this. Makes a great classy gift for a doctor or lawyer too. Visit merchants site for more details

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

If you know he or she is into pizza this could be the best $50 gift you could find for them! Have a birthday that is coming up and you know they love pizza, what a gift for a birthday this would be! This Pizza Oven puts a new spin on pizza preparation. It works great for making all kinds of pizza, fresh or frozen, regular or rising crust, and you can easily cook to your own tastes. Using exclusive RotaBake technology your pizza rotates under heat for precise and complete cooking and assures great tasting pizza every time. The Presto heats pizza faster than conventional ovens with easy cleaning and compact storage. Visit merchants site for more details

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

Is this a cool gift or what? For a gift just over $50 that can please multiple users at once, how can you go wrong?. This ENO’s DoubleNest hammock makes you want to snuggle. With two-feet of extra width than the SingleNest, the DoubleNest allows room for one, two, three, or however you decide to pack up to its limit. The DoubleNest seats more than one person comfortably and is essential for family adventures. The DoubleNest still packs down to the size of a grapefruit, so there is no excuse to be without your ENO hammock. This would make the best gift for a lawyer coming home from a long day at the office.
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Coleman Over sized Quad Chair with Cooler

One of our staff members received this recently and thought it was the best gift ever! The ultimate gift in comfort and convenience. This over sized quad chair with cooler will be right at home whether you’re recipient is attending a sporting event, tailgating, camping (would make a great gift for hunters), or just relaxing in his backyard. The chair’s generous size, padded seat and back, and adjustable armrest height all add up to a deluxe seat, wherever he or she wants it. The attached soft cooler can hold 3-4 cans and a Coleman Chillers Brite Ice icepack (sold separately). The chair also sports a mesh cup holder and a program holder for magazines and personal items.
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Kurgo SkyBox Booster Seat

Gift searching for a doggie lover? This could be a great choice! This Booster Seat elevates Fido for a clear view of the road ahead and provides a secure padded seat to snuggle down on longer trips. They even make these for bicycles… what a gift for the cyclists. Could be the best gift for the doggie Click to visit merchants site

The Club LX Steering Wheel Lock

The “Club” LX Red Chrome Plated Locking Housing and Lazer Encrypted key resist picking, hammering and freon. From the makers of the Original “Club”. This is the # 1 selling mechanical anti-theft device for cars and trucks. With 95% top of mind, national awareness, the “Club” brand has become synonymous with automotive security. Truly makes a great gift for anyone. Visit merchants site for more details

Patagonia Kindle DX Case

The Kindle is the hottest product on the market right now! Is the one your searching for have one…this would definitely be the best gift for them! Combining green-consciousness with superior function, the lightweight Reader Case for 9.7″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle DX provides great protection in a 100% recycled-polyester molded shell. They can feel confident reading their DX while the case is open — they simply loop the webbing strap around their hand for extra stability. This would make a wonderful gift for the reader that you know! Other Kindle cases available too.
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Fiskars Sit And Store Garden Caddy With Built-In Seat

Are they into gardening? If so, what a gift this would be for them. This Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy with Built-In Seat is designed to transport everything they need for gardening and yard work. It features a 6-gallon internal storage area and a built-in dock to support a 5-gallon bucket (not included), and it also includes a ride-along tool bin that attaches to the cart, making tools and drinks more accessible as you work. Best gift for a gardener…no doubt. Visit merchants site for more details

Traditional 4-Foot Swing Seat

Now here’s a gift you wouldn’t think you could get for around $50. Have them enjoy peaceful afternoons and romantic evenings outdoors on their porch, patio, or terrace in this Jack Post Jennings Traditional Swing Seat. They’ll sit comfortably on the 48-inch natural hardwood slats that form a bench that seats two comfortably. The bench is skillfully built to last using solid unfinished fir that adds great beauty wherever you place it. The traditional porch swing seat is solid unfinished fir and comes complete with hanging chain. Great gift idea for the homeowner! Visit merchants site for more details