Get Your Money’s Worth With Gifts for $50

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Get Your Money’s Worth With Gifts for $50

If your are on a budget, you may get discouraged when it comes time to give gifts. It seems like all the really cool gifts are too expensive. But, there are really good gift ideas for under $50 that anyone on your list would love. When in doubt, go the gift card route.

You can put any amount of money on them and there are gift cards for every store you could dream of. Some people shy away from gift cards because they feel that they are tacky or not thoughtful, but that isn’t true. Giving someone a gift card is allowing them to enjoy a service or item without having to spend their own money. You could get them a gift card for restaurants, so that they don’t have to cook for a couple nights, or gift cards for different retail outlets. Either would be good.

When it comes to electronics, you can find many DVDs and Blu-rays for under $50. Even brand new titles that are released on DVD and Blu-ray weekly are under $50, and sometimes under $30. You can also find really good movies at discounted prices, so you may be able to get multiple titles all within your budget.

CDs are always under 20 dollars, so you can pick up a bunch of those for under 50 dollars, and all of the iTunes gift cards that are offered at retail are 50 dollars and below. For the people on your list that play video games, shop and ask around at electronic specialty stores for the most popular game titles of the year for low prices. If you don’t feel comfortable buying games, then you can always buy controllers or peripherals, which are sometimes cheaper than actual software.

Just make sure you know what items the person you are shopping for already has. You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by getting them something they already own.