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Fishing Gifts – Top Gifts for the Fisher in Your Life

In search of the best fishing gifts for your loved one?
Gifts for fishermen are not that difficult to choose once you choose something that is universal to any type of fishing.

We have collected a huge list of fishing gifts that are practical and will actually get used unlike the wrong gift that will just sit there gathering dust for the next few years. Gifts for fishermen come in all shapes and sizes and a price point to suit any budget.
So if you are in need some fishing gift ideas then read on.

Fishing Gifts

Rapala Fillet Knife

​If the fisherman in your life likes to catch and eat most of their fish then a good fish filleting knife is crucial to getting high quality fillets off the bone. The Rapala Fish n Fillet knife has a super flexible blade that makes super accurate cuts and slices along the length of any fish.

The razor sharp stainless steel blade has a great balance between flexibility and strength. Being able to quickly and accurately slice over the backbone is the key to getting perfect fillets every time and this knife is perfect for the job. ​Also a great hunting gift if you have any hunters in the family.


  • ​Extra thin precision blade
  • Leather sheath
  • PTFE non-stick coating
  • Bras ferule with ergonomic wooden handle

Deeper Sonar Fish Finder

​The Deeper Sonar fish finder is one of the most innovative fishing products to hit the market in recent times. Unlike traditional fish finders it is not fixed to a boat or kayak. Instead the Deeper is attached to the end of a rod line and is cast out. The sonar then transmits a sonar picture of the bottom to your smartphone or tablet.

You then have a complete view of what is happening under the water at a certain range from shore or you boat. It is best used to survey potential fishing spots and see if the are any fish about and to also get a deeper understanding of the underwater terrain and depth, giving you an immediate advantage especially if you are fishing on unfamiliar waters.​


  • ​Wireless bluetooth connection between the sonar and you smartphone/tablet.
  • Works at depths of up to 100 feet at a range of 130 feet
  • Gives reading of depth and bottom contour, temperature and fish as small as 3 inches.
  • Works in fresh and saltwater 
  • Suitable for shore, inshore, offshore and kayak based fishing

Earth Ultimate 4 Position Outdoor Chair

​Perfect for those lazy days by the river bank in the summer. This outdoor chair is easily adjustable thanks to its extendable front legs. It is easy to fold up and can store flat upright or on its side in an garage well out of the way when not in use. Gifts for fishermen aren't all about the fishing tackle sometimes more comfort is better.


  • ​Extendable front legs
  • Drinks holder
  • Zippered storage pouch
  • Comfortable padded neoprene Pillow

SF Fly Fishing Net Wooden

​Who said that something as simple as a landing net can't be beautiful. These rubber mesh landing nets from SF are crafted from laminated bamboo and hardwood to give a perfect glossy finish. 

Rubber mesh means less scrapes on the fish that you would get from a traditional knotted net. These nets are crucial if you intend to catch and release the fish as less of the fishes natural slime that protects it's skin is rubbed off. Fly fishing gifts don't come much better than this!


  • ​Rubber mesh
  • Magnetic net release and lanyard
  • Variety of handles
  • Variety of shapes

Note: Best suited to fly fishing or those that fish in small rivers and streams.

DDY Outdoors Sun Protection Hat

​Protecting your head and neck from the harmful rays of the sun is something that is often overlooked on a long day out on the water. The sun protection hat from DDY Outdoors is the perfect way to cover the head and neck whilst the large rim also provides some shade for the eyes.

A great stocking filler it is perfect for those that spend all day in the sun when out fishing. The long neck ​flap also helps keep the bugs out. It can also be transformed into a regular hat be removing the detachable neck flap. The best fishing gifts need not be expensive and this one is great for any budget.


  • ​UVA/UVB prtection from the sun
  • Removable neck flap
  • Large brim on hat for extra shade 
  • Quick drying and stows away easily in any pocket or bag

Madbite Aluminum Fishing Pliers

A fishing pliers is the best way to release a hook from a fishes mouth. It not only protects your hands from the rows of razor sharp teeth but also helps the fish by reducing the amount of time they are out of the water as using a pliers is the quickest way to unhook them.

The Madbite Aluminum fishing pliers is built to withstand the harsh environment and conditions of saltwater fishing, which means it should have no bother if used in freshwater also. It has an aluminum spring loaded handle with non slip silicon handles.

All of the components are super durable despite its low weight. Comes equipped with long nose for unhooking, tungsten carbide cutters​ for braid, wire and fishing line. Also has a split ring plier for opening split rings.


  • ​Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable
  •  Spring loaded silicon grip handles
  • Coiled lanyard and belt sheath
  • 5 year warranty

Costa Del MAr Brine Polarized Sunglasses

​Squinting all day in the bright sun light will usually end with a headache. Protect your eyes and improve your vision on the water with the Brine polarized sunglasses from Costa Del Mar.

Costa Del Mar are the most popular fishing sunglasses brand available. Their sunglasses have been used by countless fishing pro's and amateurs alike and lots of other outdoors men and women.

Fully polarized they reduce surface glare and help locate fish in shallow waters around submerged structures. They are most capable offshore were the suns glare is inescapable ​and shining bright all day long.


  • ​580G polarized lens
  • 100% UV protection for your eyes
  • Built from tough injected nylon
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Wild River Tackle Backpack

​Fishing tackle boxes have evolved significantly from the simpler tray types that were originally based on small tool boxes. A tackle backpack takes all of the weight out of your hands and onto your back and shoulder which is a godsend if you have to walk long distances from your car to your favorite fishing spot.

The Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack takes transporting your fishing tackle into the present day. It has an integrated LED light so you can fish from dawn to dusk without the need of extra lighting. ​

Capable of holding four medium sized #3600 lure trays(sold separately) in the bottom front compartment. With numerous external compartments and ​easy access top storage opening it's easy to store all your gear and have them to hand when you need them. 


  • ​LED light
  • Big storage volume
  • Takes standard medium sized trays
  • Lots of external compartment
  • Wide shoulder straps for added comfort

Entsport Fish Lip Gripper with Scales

​A fish gripper enables you to hold the fish in a natural horizontal position with one hand on the body and another on the fishes mouth. Holding a fish horizontally as you handle it significantly increases the chances of the fish surviving if you release it back into the water.

This fish gripper has a built in fish scale so you can also weight your fish quickly and easily without the need to carry a separate scale. ​Is also has a built in tape measure for recording the fishes length in inches.


  • ​Stainless steel tube and jaw
  • Built in scales
  • Built in tape measure
  • Max weight 15 kg

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot

​Wading boots are great for making your way along the shallows of a river back with the added bonus of extra grip and quick drying times. These boots offer a lot of ankle support which is important especially when walking along the shallows in rivers with a rocky bottom.

They feature an innovative interchangeable sole system called Omnitrax. You can change out the sole depending on the type of terrain under foot. 


  • ​Interchangable sole system
  • Includes plain felt and Kling-On sticky soles
  • Quick dry
  • Excess water drains through ports
  • Great ankle support

Note: not waterproof, wading boots are designed to dry quickly once wet due to mesh uppers.

Onyx MoveVent Kayak Life Vest

​Perfect for the kayak fisherman this Life Vest is ergonomically shaped to increase arm mobility for when kayaking all while providing a safe and secure buoyancy aid.

When kayaking on open water safety should always be your number one concern. Onyx have created a perfectly shaped life vest that does not hinder your paddling unlike a normal life vest. You can get to your fishing spots quicker and with less effort by wasting less energy as you paddle.


  • ​Ergonomic comfortable fit
  • SOLAS grade reflective material for better visibility
  • Mesh zippered pocket that drain easy
  • Highly adjustable
  • Suitable for high and low back kayak seats

Lindy Fish Handling Glove

​Handling fish can be slimy and sometimes dangerous affair depending on the fish species. This fish handling glove from Lindy features a protective material on the thumb and palm. 

Protecting your hands from a fishes sharp teeth whist unhooking them is strongly advised especially for larger predatory species. The material used on the Lindy gloves should protect you from sharp teeth and hooks but of course the are not completely puncture proof and lot of force on a sharp object will still pierce through them.​


  • ​Palm and thumb contains strengthened material
  • Makes handling fish easier
  • Right or left models available

Note: This is a single glove but you can choose left or right handed

All-American Dri Fit Fishing Shirt UPF30+

​Out fishing in the sun all day requires adequate protection for you head neck and arms. Choosing a good fishing hat and polarized sunglasses goes a long way to reducing skin damage on your head. But what about your arms ? 

A UPF protecting fishing shirt can help keep your arms from burning. The Ultimate Dri Fit from ALL-American is a fishing shirt the is quick drying, lightweight, breathable and offers 30+ UPF protection from the sun.


  • ​Microfiber material
  • UPF 30+ protection
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable 

Redington Fly Fishing Waders

​A great pair of fishing waders can mean getting out past the shallows to those deep pockets where fish love to lie on mountain streams and low land rivers. Wading is a long time favorite of fly fishermen as they stalk trout and salmon on quick running rivers.

These chest high waders from Redington ​are quick on and quick off thanks to a simple buckle system. They are built from a 3 layer nylon construction so are a lot more durable than rubber waders. A great gift for fly fishermen.


  • ​3 layer nylon
  • Convert easily to waist high waders
  • Neoprene gravel guards
  • Chest pocket and belt loop included

Note: You require separate wading boots.


​Tired of seeing a mess of rods lying around your garage? Then this garage door rod rack is the perfect solution. It safely and securely stores up to six rods for each rack on a standard garage door panel.

Easy uncomplicated attachment system requires no tools and you can have the rack up and secured in minutes. Can also be installed on walls and ceilings if required but they may require additional fixings.


  • ​Perfect use of dead space on the back of a garage door
  • Easy no tool attachment to standard garage door panel
  • Each rack holds six rods

Gifts for Hunters – Top Hunting Gifts

Searching for the best gifts for hunters ? Look no further we have complied a list of the best hunting gifts to help you take the guess work out of finding the perfect gift for the hunter in your life. We hope to have found you some great gift ideas for hunters of all ages!

Gifts for Hunters

Outdoor Edge Game Processing Kit

​Does the hunter in your life need a new set of knifes for filleting and preparing his game ? Then check out this handy all in one game processing kit from Outdoor Edge. It comes with a wide range of different filleting knives and accessories.


  • ​3 inch caping knife
  • 4.25 inch gut hook skinner
  • 5.5 inch boning and filet knife
  • 8.3 inch bowie style butcher knife
  • Tungsten carbide sharpener, steel stick spreader
  • Game shearers, carving fork and cutting board
  • Bone saw, gloves and a hard case

This kit contains practically everything a hunter could need when it comes to skinning, gutting and carving their treasured prey. It also comes with a tungsten carbide sharpener to keep the knives in cutting smoothly time and time again. 

Perfect for the DIY outdoors-man that ​like to catch and cook his prey. This is definetley one of the most thoughtful and practical gifts for hunters!

Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtek Hunting Boot

​Lets face it wet feet when out hunting for hours or even days on end is a pain. Is the hunter in your life in need of a new pair of boots? Perhaps you are tired of looking at the old ones getting more and more worn out. 

These hunting boots from Irish Setter have broken the mold when it comes to construction materials and design. They are not your average, heavy and awkward boots for hunting. 

The 2870 Vaprtek waterproof hunting boots feature RPM technology which is new specially developed composite material which has helped reduce the weight of the boots by almost 40% compared to more traditional game or hunting boots.

With the combination of Ultra dry moisture wicking and ScentBan antibacterial used throughout both the lining and the uppers and outer layers your feet remain dry and warm whilst also producing less odour.


  • ​Hunting boot support with athletic shoe performance
  • Ultradry waterproofing system
  • Scentban scent control
  • Light weight
  • RPM technology

A great hunting gift for him. These are perfect for standing around in all day long on wet and cold days out in the woods.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

​A hunting pack is the perfect gift to help you loved one store all of their essential gear in an easy to way without it interfering with their movement about the woods. 

What separates this backpack from other hiking packs is that it is specifically designed to hold hunting gear. There are numerous internal and external storage compartments and purpose built weapon attachment points on the side.

The pack is detachable from the frame so you can actually use the frame as a separate way to transport heavy goods once they are strapped down suitably


  • ​Unique weapon fastening system
  • Quiver holder on either side
  • Tough nylon construction
  • Hydration port and pocket
  • Multiple easily accessible pockets 
  • Large main compartment

A great way for any hunter to haul all their precious gear without straining their back.

Legendary Whitetails Camo Jacket

​Looking to get your hunter into something a little more stylish even if it is camo wear? The Camo jacket from Legendary Whitetails may just fit the bill. Best suited to around down or when travelling as it is not fully waterproof these jackets offer a more tailored fit than most camo wear. 

Available in a host of sizes and 5 different colors there is one to suit everyone's style. Suitable with jeans and a t-shirt for that more relaxed look. 


  • ​Nicely insultated
  • Zip off hood 
  • Heavy duty zip
  • Double interior pocket

Note: these are not fully waterproof and are best used for casual wear.

Legendary Whitetails Ladies Zip Hoodie

​Another one from Legendary Whitetails this time its a Zip hoodie for the ladies. Super soft and fleece lined inside makes for a warm and inviting fit. With 3 different camo colors to choose from you should be able to find one you like.


  • ​Quarter zip
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Fleece lined
  • Loose fitting around the waist

Bahco LAP-Knife & Laplander Folding Saw

​A great gift for hunters the matching folding saw and knife from Bahco can be bought as a set or separately.

The folding saw features a low friction XT toothed blade that has been specifically treated to help reduce rusting. A folding saw is great for trimming bushes or small tree branches when trying to hide out among the undergrowth when out hunting in a forest.

The carpenter's multi-purpose knife comes with a stainless steel extremely sharp blade and a belt holster for safe keeping when not in use.​


  • ​General purpose folding saw
  • Multipurpose knife with holster
  • Saw and knife can be bought separately 
  • No slip handles 
  • Rust protected

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

​The 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 is one of the best selling tactical bags ever. The 24 stands for 24 hours so size wise this is a one day pack that has roughly 2275 cubic inch or 37 liter of capacity. Made from 1050D nylon these packs are capable of handling a lot of abuse out in the dirt and don't tear too easily when being dragged about in a forest. 


  • ​1050D nylon durable build
  • Hydration pocket
  • Fleece lined eyewear pocket
  • Water-repellent coating 
  • Compression straps and contoured yoke shoulder straps

The 5.11 Rush is well renowned for it's build quality across the entire range. These packs will last decades of usage and abuse in the toughest of conditions. They are available in a number of different sizes and colors.

Darn Tough Hunter Cushion Sock

​Hunting gifts need not be expensive and these cushioned socks are a perfect gift that won't break the bank. Keeping your feet dry is the job of your boots, keeping your feet and toes warm however is all down to a good pair of socks.

These socks are built from the highest quality fine gauge Marino wool that is renowned for it's antibacterial properties and it is also extremely comfortable against the skin compared to wool or synthetic materials.

Darn Tough are so confident in their performance that they offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee with the socks.


  • ​Marino wool
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee 

Give the gift of warm feet and your loved one will not be disappointed. Available in a range of sizes and colors there is surely one to suit everyone.

Leatherman Wave Multitool

​The classic Leatherman is one of the all time great gifts for a hunter. Leatherman are the leading brand in the multi-tool world. Cramming in as many tools as possible into one little folding pocket accessory the Leatherman can fit easily in just about any backpack pocket or jacket pocket.

The Leatherman Wave Multitool comes complete with a MOLLE sheath so it can attach easily to the out side of most tactical or hunting backpacks. MOLLE is a webbing system found on a lot of backpacks that allow multiple items to be attached to the pack in an easy uniform way.


  • ​17 tools in total
  • All tools feature a reliable locking feature
  • Easy one handed operation
  • Backed by Leatherman 25 year guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Features a pliers, wire cutters, knife, serrated knife, saw, can opener, bottle opener and many more. A great little present that is as useful around the house as it is out hunting or as a great fishing gift.

Hogman Caster Neoprene Chest Wader

​A quality set of waders make for great gifts for duck hunters. These Neoprene chest high waders from Hogman Caster are sure to keep the hunter in your family dry and warm on those wet days out. 

Built from 3mm Neoprene these waders are not just perfectly waterproof they are also much easier to move about in than other thicker waders. The knees are reinforced as that is traditionally a weak point in waders.

All the seams and stitching have be backed up by taping and gluing to reinforce them and help prolong the life of the weakest areas.​


  • ​3mm Neoprene
  • Reinforced in all the right places
  • Insulated boots with cleated soles
  • Large pocket on chest for ease of use

The built in boots have cleated soles for better traction and grip particularly in mud. The boots are also lined with Thinsulate to help keep the toes warm and dry.​ The pockets are fleece lined to help keep hands warm and out of the wind. There is also a large chest pocket so that all your necessary small equipment is right at hand.

Ranger 42 Double Rifle Case

​Securing a rifle when travelling to and from their favorite hunting areas is something that every hunter should ensure. Packing their favorite rifles safely is made much easier when using a dedicated rifle case.

The Ranger Double can store two rifles and multiple handguns if needs be. It is constructed of strong 600D spec PVC which is not only tough but lightweight also​.

The main weapons comparment features an internal divider and all weapons are snuggly fixed in place via velcro straps that are easy to tie and untie.​

The carrying system is very comfortable thanks to nicely padded back straps all of which are detachable so if you are booking your guns on a plane you can remove them to make sure they don't snag on the luggage system.​


  • ​600D PVC tough construction
  • Detachable back straps
  • Multiple external compartments
  • Weapons securely stowed using internal straps
  • Front ID panel for travelling

This fits weapons no larger than 42 inches so be sure it is a correct fit before purchasing​

Midland 22-Channel GMRS 24-Mile Range

​If you loved one likes to go hunting with there best friend regularly or likes to take you out too then why not keep in tough as you split up in the wilderness?

These two-way radios have a 24-mile range and come with easy to use recharge docking station. They have a pretty good battery life at about 16 hours. If you are out for longer periods and don't have access to a power outlet they can also be run on 4 AAA batteries which are great as a back up in case of emergencies.   

With 22 channels available you can be sure to find a private channel for communications out in the wilderness. They are also pretty handed about the house especially if you live on a ranch or have a large plot of land.​


  • 24 mile range
  • 22 channel
  • Black or camo colors available
  • Battery life up to 16 hours
  • Can also run on 4 AAA batteries

Real Avid .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit

​Real Avid have managed to pack a lot of accessories into this rifle cleaning kit. It comes housed in a lightweight ballistic nylon case that is small enough to fit in most hands so it will easily stow in any gun case of hunting backpack.

The cleaning rod is made from high quality brass and comes in seven sections so is easy to use at different barrel depths. Numerous brushes are included, one nylon brush and a bronze bore and chamber brush.

Cleaning a rifle is a crucial part of it's on going maintenance and this handy little kit is easy to take any where.


  • ​3 in one cleaning kit
  • Suitable for .223/5.56 rifles
  • Compact cleaning kit
  • Handy scraper for quick cleaning
  • Field guide included as quick reference

Perfect for in the field cleaning or at home on the gun bench.

Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses

​Costa Del Mar are well known in the fishing world for producing some of the best anti-glare polarized sunglasses. Realtree Xtra Camo are known for making some of the best camo designs out there. Put these two together and you have your self the some great hunting sunglasses.

​Protecting your eyes whilst in the sun all day is just as important as protecting your skin from it's harmful rays. Not only do these UV protected shades help save your eyes they also significantly reduce glare especially on water.


  • ​Amber 580P lens
  • TR 90 tough built nylon frame
  • Realtree Xtra Camo pattern design
  • 100% UV protection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hardcase included

Note: these are a large fit so may not be suitable for those with a smaller head or young adults/kids.

Gun Cleaning Mat

​Tired of the hunter in your life making a mess of your kitchen table every time the gun is being cleaned? Then why not get them a gun cleaning mat. They are a sure way to keep the mess off of your work surfaces.

This mat ​is highly durable and is can easily rolled up to make transport mush simpler. Not only does it help protect the gun that is being cleaned it also absorbs liquids so that they don't end up spilling over onto the unprotected work surface. 


  • ​Large size
  • Rolls up easy
  • Protects weapons from scratches
  • Soaks up cleaning fluid and oils so they don't spill onto your work surfaces

Plano Storage Tub

​This Storage Tub from Plano comes with 45 Quart storage capacity and is perfect for storing all your hunting gear in one dry and secure place. Packing all your gear away in a dry spot keeps them from the elements and helps protect them when not in use. This storage tub is great for packing ammo and other essentials into. It also makes for a great camping gift if you are not a dedicated hunter.

It also doubles as a seat!​


  • ​56 Quart capacity
  • Lockable
  • Stacks safely due to molded grooves
  • Built in tie down points on the side

Duck Commander Duck Call

​These are great gifts for duck hunters and are always a firm favorite. Duck Commander is one of the premier brands in the duck call world and if it's got their name on it you can be assured of the quality. A perfect Christmas gifts for hunters!


  • ​Triple reed design
  • Built from tough molded plastic
  • Great stocking filler

Wingspan Optics High Powered Monocular

​Binoculars/Monoculars make great gift ideas for hunters. A Monocular is a great way to find and stalk deer from a long distance. The Wingspan Optics High Powered Monocular is one of the best gifts for deer hunters. 

This monocular provides 12 x 50 magnification at a very affordable price. ​It offers a clear range of view at up to 1000 yards away, perfect for deer hunting. It is well built and has a rugged exterior case that protects the lens from being knocked about out in the field.


  • ​12 x 50 magnification
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  •  Comes with small tripod
  • Eyepiece and lens protection covers
  • Nylon carry case

A great deer hunting gift it even comes with a small tripod which is perfect for resting on a log or on a table in a hunting blind.

Deftget First Aid Kit

​Carrying a first aid kit whilst out hunting should be a no brainer. Every hunter should have some basic safety gear with them: map, compass, fist aid kit, whistle and survival bag. This items are all pretty small and take up little to no room in most hunting backpacks.

​Give the gift of safety to that hunter in your life!


  • ​163 pieces in total
  • Emergency blanket
  • Whistle
  • Full first aid kit

Primos Stretch-Fit with Sure-Grip

​These Primos gloves have a Sure-Grip coating on the palm and fingers for greater gripping when wet. They are stretch fit so can fit a variety of hand sizes and are suitable for a man or a woman.

They have a 5 inch extended cuff to help seal the wrist and lower arm from the elements as they can be tucked in under your jacket and base layer cuffs giving an warm, water tight fit.

There is even an added call pocket on the top of the hand that can hold a regular sized duck/deer call. These are great for keeping your hands warm all through fall and winter with the added benefit of lots of grip.


  • ​Stretch fit for secure fitting
  • Sure-grip no slip material
  • Extended glove
  • ​Call pocket on back of glove

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

​It you happen to end up lost out in the wilderness or some other survival situation that having access to clean drinking water is a must. The Lifestraw personal water filter ensures that any water you drink from a mountain stream or river will be safe to drink.


  • Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria
  • Removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites
  • Filters up to 1000 liters

Mossy Oak Full Spandex Face Mask

​Deer hunting gifts need not be expensive and if you are looking for a cool gift for a deer hunter that is affordable then this face mask from Mossy Oak is just the ticket.

It is available in a choice of two different camo patterns.  The stretch fit material gives a snug fit all around the head and is easy to put on and take off. Can be stored just about anywhere as it can be rolled up to fit in just about any pocket.


  • ​Stretch to fit
  • Made from Stretch-Form material
  • Two types of camo patterns available
  • Easy to store

Ultimate Backpack  Cooler

This cooler backpack is a great way to carry all your food and drink that need to be chilled out into the wild. It is built from tough 600D Polyester so can withstand the others without tearing easily. The best way to carry heavy liquids long distances is on your back as it leaves your hands free for balance. 


  • ​Made from 600D Polyester 
  • Holds 20 cans
  • Rip stop trim
  • Fully insulated
  • Adjustable padded straps 
  • 5 year no-leak guarantee

Ameristep Care Taker Hub Blind

​This blind is perfect for those who like to move positions often as it is easy to take up and put down. It offers great visibility and shooting positions. There Durashell Plus construction has the added bonus of keeping out the insects.


  • ​Insect resistant
  • 69 inch shooting width
  • Gun port with shoot through mesh
  • Shadow guard

What Do I Want for Christmas ?

Do you find yourself asking the question again this year: What do I want for Christmas ...... We've got something for everyone, Christmas gifts for him and Christmas gifts for her. We are sure you will find something on our list the solves your problem. 

What Do I Want For Christmas?

Cowin E-7 Wireless Headphones

​Give yourself the gift of sound with these wireless noise reducing headphones from Cowin. Even if you are not a music aficionado you can still appreciate the difference between those crappy in ear headphones that usually come with electronic products or a quality set of over the ear headphones.

​Get lost in your own cocoon of sound as these over ear headphones eliminate practically all background noise from your surroundings. The E7 Active Noise cancelling technology monitors the noise around you and cancels it out helping you to enjoy your music, podcast or audio book to the fullest. 


  • ​Active noise cancelling technology
  • 40mm propriety large-aperture drivers
  • Super comfortable highly adjustable ear pad
  • 30 hours playtime in Bluetooth mode
  • 18 month warranty

Perfect whether you are on a noisy train on your daily commute or just relaxing at home, either way you will enjoy sound on a whole new level!

Kindle Oasis E-Reader

​The Kindle transformed the way many people read. No longer do you need extra space in your luggage for books when on vacation. With a Kindle E-reader you can store thousands of books in a stylish easy to use reader.

​This Kindle comes with a Leather Charging Cover. When plugged in the Kindle battery and an internal battery in the leather cover charge. Once unplugged the cover will automatically charge the Kindle thus preserving the Kindle's internal battery.


  • ​Longest Kindle battery yet
  • High-resolution 300 ppl display
  • Light adjusting screen reduces glare so you can read anywhere
  • Thinnest and lightest Kindle ever

The Oasis E-Reader has a high resolution 300 ppl display that delivers incredibly crisp and perfectly defined text that auto adjusts to the ambient light around it to give you the best possible screen for reading on.

Segway miniPRO 

​Looking for something a little different to treat yourself with for Christmas? How about this Segway miniPro? Segway are taking personal transportation into the future with their range of personal transporters.

 You can connect the miniPRO to your phone via a Bluetooth connection. The app allows you to remotely control the vehicle, run diagnostics and update the firmware all at the click of a few buttons on your phone.


  • ​Control via phone app
  • 10 mph with a 14 mile range
  • ​Magnesium alloy frame
  • Built to exacting safety standards
  • Max load 220lbs

A fun way to get about the neighborhood or maybe even a new solution for getting to work in the city, whatever you use it for it sure is a blast to be on!

The North Face Laptop Backpack

​Time to throw out that old beat up pack you've been carrying your laptop or tablet in for the last couple of years? Then check out this laptop backpack from The North Face. Make you daily travel to work or school that little bit easier with this purposely designed laptop bag.  


  • ​210D Cordura nylon mini-ripstop construction
  • Padded, fleece lined laptop sleeve in main compartment
  • Padded, fleece lined tablet sleeve located in the front compartment
  • Flexvent suspension system 
  • 28 liter capacity

Capable of carrying a laptop and tablet each in their own padded and secure compartments the backpack is quite versatile. No only is it a great backpack for your electronics but it is also a great day pack to use on vacation or a short trip.

It has a simple streamlined design that is built with the comfort of the wearer in mind. The straps and back panel are designed to give the best possible support and ventilation whilst spreading the weight evenly across the shoulders and upper back.

MICHAEL Michael Kors E/W Signature Tote Bag

​How about a new Tote Bag from Michael Kors ? These bags are available in four different colors and will complement pretty much any outfit. 


  • ​Quality leather construction
  • Logoed lining on the inside
  • Zipper closure for main compartment

What Do I Want for Christmas ? 

How about the gift of time....

Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chronograph Watch

​Looking at your watch and it seems a little dated? Check out this timepiece from Timex. It has a classic look that is sure to match most business suits, yet is still wearable with just about anything outside of work and over the weekend.

​Built from a solid stainless steel case with a perfectly machined surround it a very pleasing watch to the eye and has a universally timeless look.

Waterproof to over 300 feet it is more than capable of handling the beach or snorkeling(not suitable for deep sea diving however. ​

Available in a range of colors and styles there is one to suit everyone. ​


  • ​Quartz Fly-back Chronograph
  • Dual time zone
  • Stainless steel case and leather strap
  • Water resistant to 330 feet
  • Indigo back light dial

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

One of the best selling fitness trackers the Fitbit Surge is the perfect present to get yourself ready for the New Years exercise program. 

Track your sleep and calories burned for your workout or the entire day. With a built in heart rate monitor you can tailor your workout to stay in the optimal heart rate zone for maximum fat-loss and cardio benefits.

Count your steps, keep track of your pace on a run and record the number of floors climbed. After each workout you have a full summary giving an exact breakdown how how you performed. 

You can also pair it with your smart phone and see all incoming call and text notifications on your wrist.​


  • ​GPs tracking
  • PurePulse heart rate monitor
  • Multi-sport modes
  • All-day activity recording
  • Monitor your sleep

What do I Want for Christmas?

How about pampering yourself?​

Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set

​Looking to pamper your face a little and get the most out of your beard over the Christmas period? How about this beard care set from Beardsely.

It contains ​five separate products to help pamper your beard and get it looking better than ever.

Beardsley Ultra Shampoo, specially formulated for use on beards and mustaches . Beardsley Ultra Conditioner will leave your beard feeling perfectly soft and supple. Beardsley Cooling lotion is perfect for after trimming especially on the neck. Beardsley oil is great for anytime when you need to style and shape your beard.


  • Beardsley Ultra Shampoo
  • Beardsley Ultra Conditioner
  • Beardsely Cooling lotion
  • Beardsley beard oil

Clarisonic Mia2, 2 Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System

​For the ladies why not treat your skin to a gentle cleanse via this sonic facial cleansing brush system from Clarisonic.

The Mia2 ​features micro brushes that move back and forth which can help cleanse and exfoliate your skin six times better than using your hands alone.

Take the next step in skin treatment and move away from the usual exfoliants that scratch and tear at your skins surface. Instead discover the super soft and delicate action that the Clarisonic Mia2 offers. 

It is so easy and light going on your silk that it can be used everyday without leaving your skin scorched and dried out unlike more traditional methods. ​

Comes with one radiance brush head and a charger.​


  • ​Gently exfoliates your slin
  • Can be used everyday
  • Waterproof so can be taken into the shower for use
  • Rechargeable  

Echo Show

​Taking the electric personal assistant to the next level the Echo Show is Alexa on steroids with a built in display and big bass boosting speakers.

If you have loved Alexa ​then this next generation of AI assistants. Want to know who is at the door ? Once the Show is synced to the various smart tech in your home: "Alexa, show the front door camera "!!!

​Busy making dinner and forgot the onions ? Simply make a video call to one of your family members with a Alexa device or the Alexa App and ask them to pick them up before coming over.

Listen to your favorite audio books will clear and crisp sounds, all you have to do is ask and Alexa will play them.​


  • ​Alexa can now display answers to you
  • Hands free video calls
  • Listen to audio books 
  • Watch Amazon video and television shows
  • Big sounding Dolby processing speakers
  • 8 built in microphoes

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

​No doubt about it getting that first caffeine hit first thing in the morning is crucial. Why wait until you leave the house to get some coffee that actually tastes great ?   

Make perfect coffee at home no matter what time of day or night it is with this espresso maker from DeLonghi. With 15 bar pressure it will deliver smooth and strong coffee every time. ​

In a rush? Then you can use coffee pods as to save time as this espresso maker takes either pods or ground coffee thanks to a specially designed filter holder.​

With a built in frothier you can also make your favorite milk/soya based drinks such as cappuccinos and lathes. ​


  • ​15 bar pressure, pump driven
  • Auto self primes
  • Ground coffee or pods 
  • Built in frothier for cappuccinos or lathe 
  • 1.3 liter water tank

NutriBullet High-speed Blender

​How about a bit of a detox after the festive season and kick start the New Year with a diet packed full of vegetables and fruit. A NutriBullet is the ultimate smoothie maker. It is the easiest way to pack in more veg and fruit into your diet all in delicious smoothies.

​It is also a great way to get fruit and veg into picky kids as you can disguise them in smoothie form. A perfect way to improve your child's diet and help fit the obesity battle.

A Nutribullet is capable of smashing and blending just about any fruit or veg including hard vegetables like carrots or even hard fruits such as apples. The main added bonus is that unlike a juicer you get all of the pulp that contains all the fiber.​


  • ​Perfect shake and smoothie maker
  • 600 watt motor 
  • Cyclonic action from stainless steel blade
  • Tall cup, short cups, flat blade, emulsifying blade and lids included
  • 1 year warranty

Game of Thrones 4D Westeros Puzzle

One for the Game of Thrones fans how about this 4D puzzle ? It features a massive 1400 pieces which when finished results in 65 different building.

A "4D" puzzle where the fourth dimension is time. The others being; jigsaw map, topography map 3D models and replicas.​


  • ​4D game puzzle
  • 1400 pieces 
  • 65 detailed buildings

Dragon Touch 10.6 Inch Tablet

​Tablets are one of the most perfect ways to surf the web, shop online or catch up with loved ones. This 10.6 inch tablet from dragon touch is one seriously impressive piece of machinery for the money. 

With an 8 core 2.0 GHx cpu and 1 Gb of ram it a pretty solid performer. Average battery life clocks in at about six hours so you have plenty of surfing time between charges.​


  • ​Octa-core CPU 2.0 GHz
  • 10 inch IPS display
  • Mini HDMI port
  • 2.0 mega pixel gamer on the front
  • 5.0 mega pixel gamer on the back